Monday, August 1, 2011

Dropping the Cosby Kids off at the Pool

So today while making a deposit at the porcelain bank, I lost myself thinking about all the toilet-based puns I have heard in my lifetime. Some are a little more creative than others, some reference pop culture, and some are just plain gross, but every poop pun is something we can all relate to. The following list contains some of the best #toilettweets I have heard:

Laying a TransAtlantic cable.

Offering a sacrifice to the porcelain gods.

Bombing Pearl Harbor.

Negotiating the release of some hostages.

Offloading some freight.

Painting the White House black.

Playing hide-n-seek with a mud turtle.


Sending some sailors to sea.

Sending the Browns to the Super Bowl.

Sinking the Bismark.

Brewing some hot chocolate.

Erupting the upside-down volcano.

Strangling Jabba the Hut.

I would post a few more, but it seems Nelson Mandela is trying to escape from prison.


  1. Sending some sailors to sea.

    haha its like where else would they go, space?
    funny stuff

  2. "Painting the White House black." LoL , I never heard that , just epic

  3. great quote man. I'd paint the white house black.

    Follow my blog too, and I will keep coming back here!

  4. Some of these are brilliant man, love to see a part 2!

    Would love it if you remove captions though, it's really annoying :(

  5. haha i've never heard so many toilet jokes. interesting to say the least

  6. Prarie-doggin it... gross.. and Not exactly the same as the others... hahahaha

  7. Ha-ha poop jokes, what an intellectual and mature form of comedy.

    "Drop off a Count Dooku" - The Venture Bros. Henchman 21

  8. lol funny shit.. +follow

    ^didnt even catch that till i was about to post it lol

  9. "Painting the White House black."

    That made me laugh for some reason.. lol

  10. Haha those are some witty euphemisms. Never heard of most of them.

  11. LOOOL @ sending the browns to superbowl. This is funny stuff sir.

  12. Haha wow. I can't believe I have never herd any of these!

  13. Sending the Browns to the Super Bowl.

    Best ever xD

  14. lol "be right back honey just releasing the hostages" hahaha

  15. Some of these got a hearty groan from me haha well done.

  16. amazing XD

    turtle show its head!

    send an e-mail or fax


  17. LOL i never heard Strangling Jabba the Hut before